How to Transfer a Car Title in NYC?

If you're purchasing, selling, or transferring a gifted vehicle to a family member in New York, or transferring ownership from a deceased owner, you need to know how to transfer the vehicle ownership, and in what cases you have a tax exemption. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV) is in charge of motor vehicle titles.

What Do You Need to Transfer a Car Title in NYC?

There are precise processes you must follow when transferring a vehicle's title in New York. Specific registration documents must be provided to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (NYS DMV), and certain fees have to be paid.

To legally transfer the title of a car in New York, you must:

  • Visit your nearest DMV office in New York
  • Provide the seller's completed and signed car title, or the manufacturer's certificate for a new vehicle
  • Provide proof of ownership
  • Provide proof of identity and birth date
  • Provide completed New York State Insurance Identification Card (Form FS-20)
  • Fill out a Vehicle Registration/Title Application (Form MV-82)
  • Fill out a Transaction Statement (Form DTF-802)
  • Provide the Bill of sale (even if the purchase is a gift, the seller must complete and sign a bill of sale)
  • The Odometer Disclosure Statement is a necessary attachment to a vehicle bill of sale at the time of purchase for all cars weighing less than 16,000 pounds and less than 10 years old.
  • The Damage Disclosure Statement must be completed for all vehicles regardless of their age.
  • You must also get your vehicle examined if you're buying from a private seller. You will receive an inspection extension after submitting that lasts 10 days from the date of the registration. Safety inspection from the previous registrant isn’t valid.

Please be aware that you may be required to provide extra papers and fees at the time of the car title transfer.

Vehicle Types

  • Cars, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Manufactured homes
  • Motorized boats
  • Trailers
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Snowmobiles

Can You Transfer a Title Online in New York City?

No. The car must be registered either in person at the nearest DMV office or by mail. Also, you can’t duplicate a title online at the NY DMV website.

Where Should You Go to Transfer a Vehicle Title in NYC?

To legally transfer a vehicle's title in New York, you must visit your local NY DMV office. It’s recommended to make a reservation before you arrive to avoid long wait times.

New York Title Transfer Fees: How Much Is a Title Transfer in NYC?

The NYS DMV charges $50 to transfer a title. This amount doesn’t include any sales taxes as well as any county-specific fees and surcharges.

Filling Out the NY Title Transfer Form

To correctly complete the New York vehicle title transfer paperwork, there are several things to be mindful of. You must ensure that you have both the previous owner's and the buyer's signatures in the appropriate places on the car's title transfer documentation. You also need to sign a Bill of sale that lists the vehicle's year, make, model, and color as well as the vehicle’s identification number (VIN).

Make sure the applicable sales taxes are included in the car's final price if you’re selling it. The title of the car has a section named "transfer of title by seller." The recipient of the car has to sign the title certificates in the appropriate places and enter an accurate odometer reading in this area.

Keep in mind that you could be asked to submit more paperwork, like a legitimate New York auto insurance policy with minimum coverage levels equal to or higher than the state's requirements. You can also be asked to provide a current, government-issued picture ID or a passport from another country as identification.


How much does it cost to transfer a title in NYC?

The York DMV charges $50 to transfer a title.

How do I transfer title and registration in NYC?

Visit the NYC DMV office in your area. Provide the required paperwork and identification, the proof of ownership, and make the necessary payment.

What form do I need to transfer a car title in NYC?

To transfer a car title in NYC, you will need to complete a Vehicle Registration/Title Application (Form MV-82) and a Statement of the transaction (Form DTF-802).