Georgia Title Transfer

Whether you buy a car in Georgia from a used car store downtown or from your neighbor's kid, the title must be transferred before you can drive it. If you're purchasing, selling, inheriting, or giving away a vehicle, you may need to perform a title transfer. However, the title transfer process is a little more complicated than just turning over your keys.

The state demands that you transfer the title to the new owner in writing. Typically, you'll need to fill out some papers, go to your local DMV, and pay the appropriate title transfer fee.

What Is Needed to Transfer Car Title in Georgia?

Any owner of a car in Georgia who is not a licensed dealer should, prior to transferring ownership, get a title in their name for the vehicle. You have 30 days from the date of purchase or transfer to register and receive a license plate or transfer your existing Georgia license plate from another vehicle to this vehicle. Both cars (previously owned vehicle and newly purchased vehicle) must have the same category license plate in order to transfer the license plate.

A title and license plate for a vehicle with the following information for your county can be obtained from your County Tag Office:

  • MV-1 Title/Tag Application completed and signed.
  • If your car is financed, you will need to provide the name and address of the lienholder or security interest holder in the areas given.
  • Emission Inspection Certificate, if required.
  • Original, legitimate title duly granted to you. Releases must be made in the places designated on the title for any registered liens and/or security interests against the prior owner.
  • Your insurance provider reported and provided the Department with proof of Georgia liability car insurance.
  • All applicable fees and/or taxes must be paid.
  • The license plate fee is $20.
  • The title fee is $18.
  • Title Ad Valorem Tax
  • Any penalty owed must be covered too.

Who Does the Car Title Transfer in Georgia?

It depends on whether you're purchasing (or selling) a vehicle privately or through a dealership. The buyer and seller are responsible for completing the title transfer procedure if you made a private purchase. Decide who will submit the documentation.

The dealer is in charge of the transaction when you purchase a car from them. They will take care of all the paperwork and mail you the state-issued vehicle title.

Buying a Vehicle From a Dealer

A dealership will take care of the vehicle title transfer procedure if you buy a car from them. You'll receive a 30-day temporary permit in the mail. You must register the car with your neighborhood county tax office as soon as you obtain the vehicle title or other proof of ownership.

Buying a Vehicle from a Private Seller

You and the joint purchasers (if any) must sign the relevant part on the car title to confirm the mileage when you receive the title from the vehicle seller, unless:

  • Vehicle odometer declaration is not required.
  • The vendor failed to complete the required details on the car title.

Common Reasons for a Title Transfer

Changing residence or purchasing or selling a vehicle are the two most frequent causes of title transfers. However, there are a few more reasons to perform a title change:

  • Vehicle donation
  • Gifting a vehicle
  • Having a car inherited
  • Repaying a car loan

Title Transfer Fees: How Much Is a Title Transfer in Georgia?

To transfer a vehicle title in Georgia you’ll need to pay the title transfer fee, license plate fee, title Ad Valorem Tax, and any due penalties. Apart from that, before getting the Georgia vehicle title, your car must pass an emissions test.

Can You Transfer a Car Title in Georgia Online?

No, you can not transfer a car title online in Georgia. The County Tag Office must obtain the car and the necessary documentation. The clerk can independently check the VIN against the vehicle's history in the state database if necessary.

The clerk will also check the accuracy of the odometer reading and the completeness of all signatures and dates on all documentation.

Filling Out the Title Transfer Form

Prior to anything else, you must complete and sign the GA car title application (Form MV-1). Before going to your local GA county tag office, you can start the title application. You must provide the name and address of the person holding the lien or security interest if your car has financing in the fields given. If applicable, you must additionally present an emission inspection certificate.

The original, legitimate title for the car must be obtained, and it must be lawfully transferred to you. Additionally, you must acquire a legitimate GA vehicle insurance policy. You must pay all relevant fees and taxes, including the $20 license plate fee, $18 car title fee, the Title Ad Valorem Tax, and any additional fees that may be necessary.

Before you can transfer ownership of a car title, the title has to be in your name. You have 30 days to register your car, get a license plate, or switch your current Georgia license plate from one car you no longer own to another. This window starts on the date of purchase or the transfer.


Can I do a title transfer online in Georgia?

No, you can not. The County Tag Office must obtain the car and the necessary documentation.

How much does it cost to transfer a title in the state of Georgia?

Georgia title transfer process requires the following fees and taxes to be paid: the title transfer fee, the license plate fee, title Ad Valorem Tax and any due penalties.

How do I transfer ownership of a car to a family member in Georgia?

You must transfer the title of the vehicle to your family member. A Declaration of Immediate Family Form is also required (Form MV-16).