Registration Tag Renewal Time-Frames in Florida

The time frames for registrations vary depending on the vehicle type. The sections below show the required tag renewal time-frames for each type of vehicle

Requirements for Ordering a Replacement Title

The cost of tag renewal fees varies depending on the vehicle weight. See the table below for all registration fees:

Car Registration Renewal

For cars in Florida, you are required to renew your car registration each year before your birthday. In some cases, the vehicle registration can be renewed for two years. You can quickly renew your registration online or by visiting the FLHSMV office.

Business Owned Vehicles

Suppose you need to renew the registration for a business vehicle with joint ownership. In that case, the renewal must be completed by the birthday of the person who is listed first on the registration. Vehicles must be renewed yearly by the last day of the month that is specified.

Standard Motor Vehicles

Standard motor vehicles in Florida must be renewed each year before the owner’s birthday. In some cases, it may be possible to do the renewal for two years.

Auto Insurance Required

The first registration of the vehicle will determine the auto insurance timeline. Auto liability insurance is a legal requirement of the person the vehicle is registered to.

Motorcycle registration

Motorcycles must be renewed each year by the registration month, which is determined by the first registration process. Insurance is not a legal requirement for motorcycles in Florida, but you could be sued if you cause any injuries or damage, so taking out insurance is always advised.

Commercial vehicles registration

Commercial vehicles must have their vehicle registration renewed every six months by the 31st of May and the 31st of December. Some vehicles can be renewed once a year instead, which depends on the class of the vehicle.

Mobile Homes and RVs

For an RV or mobile home, the registration must be renewed annually by the 31st of December. For mobile homes, the renewal is due every two years.

Boats and Vessels

Motorized vessels that are to be used on Florida’s waterways must have their registration renewed each year. If owned by an individual, the vessel’s registration must be renewed by their birthday, or if a company owns a vessel, the registration renewal is due in July.

Florida Vehicle Registration Renewal

It is essential to renew your vehicle registration as at when due. Failure to comply could result in the suspension of your driver’s license. Certain requirements are expected to be met before you can renew your vehicle registration in Florida. One of the important requirements is that you must have a liability policy that covers the expenses of damage done to other vehicles and drivers in the event of an accident.
The renewal of your vehicle registration with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLDHSMV) can be done in several ways.

  • You can choose to renew your vehicle registration in person. This will require you to go to your local county’s tax collector’s office. When going to renew your registration in person, don’t forget to take along your driver’s license, current registration card, proof of auto insurance, and a payment method accepted by the tax collector’s office.
  • Another way you can renew your vehicle registration is by email. However, this option is not available in all Florida counties and may not be available to some drivers. You can only renew your vehicle registration via mail if you were explicitly told to do so in your registration renewal reminder.
  • The last and most convenient method is renewal via online methods. To renew your vehicle registration online, you must have up to date auto insurance information with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Florida Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Made Easy With Swifttags

With Swiftags, you can easily complete your vehicle registration renewal online in 3 simple steps. Once you have an up to date record with the FLDHSMV, you can leverage our swift online vehicle registration services to renew your registration.

To renew your vehicle registration, follow these simple processes:

  1. Provide some information about your vehicle, such as the vehicle type and the licence plate number.
  2. Enter your personal details such as your name, social security number, date of birth, and other required information.
  3. The final step is checking out. Here, you will review your application to ensure there were no mistakes and then proceed to make payment and complete the process.

Benefits of Swifttags

  • Offers a swift and easy online process for your Florida tag renewal.
  • You will get a digital copy of the vehicle registration sent directly to your mail.
  • Offers excellent customer support services in English and Spanish.
  • Modern website with great user experience support for various platforms and devices.
  • Automated online checks to validate data input.
  • Advice and support if you get a cancelation of your request.

How to Replace Your Lost Vehicle Registration in Florida?

Is your vehicle registration destroyed, lost, or stolen? Replacing a lost or stolen vehicle registration is mandatory in Florida. Failure to do so can attract certain legal consequences like traffic tickets or having your driver’s license withdrawn.

You can quickly replace your vehicle registration by contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and requesting a vehicle registration renewal form. The replacement process can also be completed in the tax collector offices of various counties. Swiftwatgs also offers a reliable and fast replacement option via the website.

Regardless of the replacement method you choose to go with, you will need to provide certain details and pay the required fee for the replacement.

Since the FLDHSMV issues all Florida’s vehicle registrations, you can check their websites or call their customer service to get answers to your queries.

Replacement and Duplicate Florida Vehicle Registration

There are several reasons that could warrant a replacement of your vehicle registration. It could be stolen, lost, or damaged. But what happens if you find your missing registration after requesting a replacement?

If you eventually find your missing registration after getting a replacement, you should destroy the old one or take it to the DMV office where you registered your car. Failure to do so could implicate you in the future and could attract severe consequences.

What to Do if Your Validation Decal or License Plates Is Stolen?

If you suspect that your vehicle registration was stolen, you should immediately report this to the police.

Afterwards, you should download the replacement form from the FDHSMV website. Fill the form, then take it along with the police report to your local FDHSMV office. After approval, a new set of license plates will be issued to you for free.

Can I Get a Replacement for Damaged Florida License Plates?

If your license plates get damaged or defaced, you should consider getting a replacement. It is required that a law enforcement officer should be able to read your plates at a distance of 50 feet. Else, you will be ticketed for faulty equipment.

Florida law allows you to get a replacement for your license plates when the original is lost, defaced, damaged, or stolen.

You can take your old or damaged plates to your local FDHSMV office to get a shiny new one for a small fee.

Can I Request for a Specialty Plate?

Yes, you can request a specialty plate. If you want to replace your current plates with a specialty or personalized plate, Florida law permits you to do that.

First, you have to check for the availability status of your preferred combination of numbers and letters. If available, you go to your local FDHMV office and apply for a personalized plate. This will require you to pay an additional renewal fee of $15 yearly.


How much is to renew registration in Florida?

The cost to renew registration in Florida depends on the vehicle class and weight. Automobiles with a net weight of under 2,500 pounds have a registration renewal fee of $14.50. Automobiles with a net weight of 2,500 to 3,499 have a few of $22.50 and automobiles with net weight of over 3,500 have a fee of $32.50.

How to renew vehicle registration in Florida?

You can renew your vehicle registration in Florida using the online registration renewal service from Complete the form and provide personal identifying information that you are the owner of the vehicle, along with insurance details.

Why can't I renew my registration online Florida?

There may be a reason for not being able to renew registration online in Florida, for example, if you do not submit the correct documents or if you have a stop that appears on the registration. IN this case, you would need to go into the office to renew your registration.

What do I need to register my car in FL?

To renew your car registration in Florida, you will need:

  • Your vehicle information
  • Renewal reminder
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • FL driver’s license
  • The last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Payment for the renewal

How much is vehicle registration renewal in Florida?

It costs between $14.50 and $32.50 for a registration renewal in Florida, depending on the weight of the vehicle.

How early can I renew my car registration in Florida?

You can renew your car registration up to three months before the expiry date.

Additional Information About FL Renewal

Renewing a vehicle registration in Florida is fast and easy with You should receive your registration renewal in the mail, but if you have used before to renew your registration, we will email you a reminder, so you never miss a registration renewal deadline.

It is crucial that you notify the FDHSMV of any change of address, and if you update your email address, you should tell about the change so we can ensure correspondence is sent to the correct email address you are using.

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