What Are Maryland MVA Flags and How to Remove Them?

Women Texting While Driving a CarWomen Texting While Driving a Car

The local law enforcement agencies and certain other authorized entities are able to add a flag to your vehicle for a number of possible reasons, usually related to an unresolved issue such as parking violation flags.

The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) issues Maryland MVA flags for drivers in Maryland that are found to have committed a driving or vehicle violation and have not paid the fines imposed or have not fixed the issue.

If you have a flag issued then you must resolve the specific issue before you can have the flag released.

Common Reasons for the Flag Placement on a Vehicle Record

There can be lots of different reasons why a law enforcement agency or certain other authorized entities issues a flag placement on your vehicle, including:

  • No proof of auto insurance/insurance compliance violation
  • Parking violations and tickets issued
  • Toll facilities violation
  • Speeding violation captured
  • Red light violation captured
  • Vehicle emissions inspections failure
  • Safety equipment repair order (such as broken headlight) or other safety-related problem

A flag is placed onto a vehicle if this issue is not resolved and you will need to fix the issue in order for the flag to be removed. In addition to the police, other authorized entities may be able to request a flag, such as local jurisdictions.

What Happens When a Flag on a License is Placed?

In the event of having a flag placement, MVA transactions such as renewing your vehicle registration, transferring the vehicle license plates to another vehicle, obtaining a duplicate registration card, or substituting license plates aren’t possible to execute.

If you are unable to perform these transactions, then it could result in further consequences, including having your license plates retrieved by the law enforcement agency.

When law enforcement agencies requested the flag placement for parking, toll, speed camera violation, or red light camera violation, you will also be subject to an administration fee on top of any fines imposed.

You must resolve an SERO (safety equipment repair order) within 10 days of it being issued and must provide proof of repair to the law enforcement agency to avoid a flag.

For example, if a police officer pulls you over for a non-functioning light, you would need to take your vehicle to a repair center that provides a printed copy of the repair work that has been completed, which you would then need to supply to the police as evidence of resolution.

Maryland MVA Vehicle Flag: Administrative Fee

An administrative fee may also be applicable in relation to some types of MVA vehicle flags. In the event that you are caught on camera going through a red light with an automated camera system or you have received a parking ticket, you will be required to pay an additional administrative fee of $30.

Administration fees are only applicable for flags that have been placed for parking, toll, red-light, and speed camera violation. Therefore, if your parking ticket is $60, you would also need to pay the $30 administration fee, costing you $90 in total.

Additional MVA Flag Fees in Maryland

An administration fee is applied for each flag that results from the vehicle owner’s failure to resolve:

  • A toll violation
  • A parking violation
  • A red-light violation
  • A speed camera violation

In the event that you have more than one unresolved issue such as a speed camera violation captured and parking violation flags resulting in a few flags, you would be required to pay a $30 admin fee for each unresolved issue.

Not All Flags Have the Extra Administrative Flag Fee

Certain flags that have been placed do not have an administration flag fee, such as insurance compliance violation, vehicle emissions inspection program violation and safety equipment repair order (SERO). However, you will need to resolve the issue and pay any fine related to the flag.

If you are unsure as to whether the flag is an administrative fee flag, you should consult the MVA to be certain whether you are required to pay the additional administrative fee of $30.

Where Can You Pay the Administrative MVA Flag Fee?

There are a few different options available for paying your administrative fee for your MVA flag release:

  • Online using the MVA's m​y​MVA eServices​
  • By mail to any MVA branch office
  • In-person at any MVA branch office
  • By telephone: 1-410-768-7000
  • At a kiosk

How to Get Rid of Flags on MD Vehicles?

In order to remove flags on MD vehicles, you must pay the fine and any applicable administration fees. In the first instance, you should make the payment to the authorized flagging entity that requested the flag placement and make the payment. For example, for toll violation flags, you would need to pay any outstanding toll fees and fines, as well as paying the administrative fee.

If you are not sure which authorized flagging entity requested the flag placement, you can contact the MVA Customer Service Center at 1-410-768-7000 to ask what the reason for the flag is and who placed it.

For flags that require an administrative fee (a flag involving a parking, toll, speed camera or red-light camera violation), you must also pay the $30 before the flag will be removed.

It can take a few weeks for a flag to be removed from your vehicle record.

Maryland MVA Flag: Can You Still Drive With a Flag on Your Licence?

In most cases, you are still able to drive with a flag on your license but it is better to check with the MVA in case you commit any further violations by driving. For example, if you have not resolved an insurance compliance violation and have not taken out adequate car insurance coverage, you should not be driving a vehicle.

However, keep in mind that you’ll need to remove the Maryland MVA flag to be able to renew your vehicle registration, transfer a car title, obtain a duplicate registration card, or substitute license plates.

FAQs About Maryland Vehicle Registration Flags

What is an administrative flag MVA?

An administrative flag MVA is a flag issued by The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration that applies to an unresolved issue such as :

  • No proof of auto insurance/insurance compliance violation
  • Parking violations and tickets issued
  • Toll violation
  • Speeding violation captured
  • Red light camera violation
  • Emissions test failure
  • Safety equipment repair order (such as broken headlight)

There are more possible flags that can be placed by the local police agency due to other unresolved issues such as abandoned vehicle violations or title violations.

How do I check flags on my license in Maryland?

You can contact MVA to check if there are any flags on your license in Maryland either by visiting the MVA branch office or calling the MVA Customer Service Center at 1-410-768-7000.

How to check if my registration is suspended in MD?

You can contact the MVA branch office or call the MVA Customer Service Center at 1-410-768-7000 to check whether your registration has been suspended in MD.

What happens if your registration is suspended in Maryland?

If your registration is suspended in Maryland due to outstanding fines, you will be unable to renew your vehicle registration. If you are caught driving while your registration is suspended, you could face further fines, driving bans or your vehicle could be impounded.

How do I pay for a Maryland MVA ticket online?

To pay for your Maryland MVA ticket online, you can use myMVA eServices and pay via card payment. If this online option is not available, you can pay over the telephone or visit an MVA branch office to make the payment.

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