Who are we?

Swift-tags.com is an online vehicle title and registration service that takes the hassle out of your legal responsibilities for driving and owning vehicles in the US.

Many of the processes involved in making your vehicle legally compliant can be time consuming and require a visit to the DMV office. However, advanced technology now enables you to do most of the actions required to legally drive and own your vehicle online instead of in person.

Our Values

Swift-tags.com is committed to making vehicle registration and similar processes as straightforward and easy as possible for customers. We have a set of values that are the core of how we operate:

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We want to make vehicle registration and other legally required processes as simple and easy as possible, by providing technology solutions that enable quick and straightforward transactions.

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Innovators in technology

There are numerous different technology solutions available for vehicle registration services but our target is to be a technology innovator, providing the highest quality of digital experience to users. Our website has been designed to provide an easy and smooth user experience, with all of the online forms being very intuitive and straightforward.

Step 3

Remove complexity

A lot of the vehicle registration and title processes can be time consuming and take a lot of research to understand exactly what is required. At Swift-tags.com we are dedicated to removing the unnecessary complexity by providing online instructions and guidance on all of the processes. Our online forms and website have been designed to ensure the processes are easy to follow, and all of the required information and documents are submitted.

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Go the extra mile

We don’t just want to give our customers a good service, we want to deliver the best experience to our customers, so that we make their life easier and speed up the unnecessarily long processes involved in vehicle registration and title transfers. We go the extra mile to make sure that our customers have a great experience with us.

Our Mission

We have been listening to drivers and vehicle owners who want an easier and more straightforward way of doing tasks such as title and registration transactions.

US drivers are understandably frustrated with the traditional, time-consuming process and we have introduced a new, technology-driven approach that puts the customer first.

We have developed online services that allow US drivers and vehicle owners to easily and quickly register their vehicles, renew registrations, arrange title transfers, update the DMV of a change of address and many other important, legally required transactions.